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Pampering Ritual
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( 4 week supply)

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Pampering Ritual - Steps 1-2-3-4

soothe your skin’s irritation while providing deep nourishing hydration.

Designed specifically for the arid Western U.S., Black Tulip Pampering Ritual uses the most gentle, soothing ingredients to nourish & nurture your dry sensitive skin.

Your reward is luminous healthy skin.


1. Milky Way Cleanser - This most gentle of cleansers soothes your unhappy skin’s irritation. Ingredients - Freshly ground Oat Flour, Dried Milk

2. Green Goodness Nutrient Mist - Nourishes & hydrates your face with fresh botanicals - (vitamins & antioxidants in their natural state). Ingredients - Snow Pea Tisane, Lemongrass Essential Oil

3. Nectar Honey Mask - Deep cellular moisturizing carries nutrient rich moisture to your skin’s inner layers. Each cell is plumped with moisture, nutrients & anti-bacterial protection. Ingredients - Prescott Wildflower Honey

4. Mirror Mirror - Anti-aging cellular regeneration protects & promotes healing. Moisture locked in. Ingredients - Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil

Your Result - fresh dewy skin - All Day

"I love each product in the kit. My skin feels and looks so much healthier than before.  The ingredients are all real and pure!"

- Emily K.

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