"I do my Pampering Ritual before bed. It helps me fall asleep. I feel relaxed, pampered & loved. "

Leah M.



1. The saponin molecules in freshly ground Oats gently cleanse, while this whole grain's abundant mucilage soothes your irritated skin.

The lactic acid in dried Milk gently sloughs away used cells, leaving your face feeling calm & understood.

2. Fresh botanicals from a Snow Pea Tisane & Lemongrass Essential Oil nourish your skin with vitamins & antioxidants. This Real Food formula gives your skin the best nutritional application. (Must be refrigerated.)

3. Prescott Wildflower Honey is nature's best humectant - providing deep cellular moisture for your thirsty skin.

4. Precious Oils protect & promote cellular repair & regeneration Grapeseed Oil - Rosehip Seed Oil - Evening Primrose Oil