What is your shipping policy?

Your order is created and shipped within 3 days - - - made fresh for You by Me.

Shipping is 2-3 days depending on location.

Why are there no products for different skin types?

Oily Skin - Combination Skin - Sensitive Skin - Acne - Rosacea - These are all conditions of skin struggling with its environment. The Black Tulip Pampering Ritual brings HEALTH to ALL Skin. Thus the problems of oily skin are eliminated. Combination skin is evened out. Sensitive skin calms down. Harmful bacteria is eliminated so acne is healed. The redness and swelling of rosacea is soothed. Every type of skin becomes radiantly healthy. You look beautiful in your skin.

Why don't you offer exchanges and returns?

I am unable to accept returns and exchanges for hygienic reasons. If your order is damaged or unacceptable - please contact me and I will resolve the issue.


Why the name Black Tulip?

The Black Tulip is rare - desired - mystical - and valued. This is the story I want us all to tell.