You Are The Best Gift


We are so blessed to have love and friendship in our lives. A gift is a wonderful expression of that joy.

Since this is the Season of Giving, we rush to make sure every gift is “just right.” We want our gifts to have meaning, to bring surprise and happiness to our loved one. We want to express our gratitude for the joy they bring to our lives.

However, this Season of Giving can overwhelm our good intentions, and leave us feeling stressed and unhappy - the opposite of the joy we want to express.

The thought to remember in giving our gifts is the real reason for the gift.

We want to express our gratitude for the joy our loved ones bring to our lives.

The other thought we want to remember is the reason our loved ones would like to receive a gift from us.

Our loved ones want to express gratitude for the joy we bring into their lives.

And really, all that means, is that You Are The Best Gift.

They love you.

You love them.

Just saying that can be enough.

Ingredients:   Prescott Wildflower Honey

Ingredients: Prescott Wildflower Honey

Nectar Honey Mask - 1 oz.
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  1. Nature’s Best Humectant

  2. Anti-bacterial

  3. Anti-inflammatory

  4. Restores elasticity

  5. Anti-oxidants - best bio-availability

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