Prepare Your Skin for Winter - The Best Hydration


Baby, it’s cold outside!

Cold dry air . . . then heated cold dry air . . . a desert for your skin. Winter cold means all the moisture is sucked out of the air, your environment, and your skin. Sadly, your Winter Skin feels it and looks it.

Dry, irritated, and even more sensitive Sensitive Skin requires ultra-hydration.

  • moisturizing which goes deep into the inner layers of your skin

  • moisturizing which lasts all day long

  • moisturizing which resists the dehydration of Winter

Black Tulip offers a 2-step process which fulfills all of these requirements beautifully. Your Winter Skin is nourished and nurtured, creating radiant health.

  1. Green Goodness Nutrient Mist - made from a Snow Pea Tisane, this hydrating mist is chock full of vitamins and anti-oxidants (in their best bio-availability). Nourishing moisture quenches your parched skin’s thirst.

  2. Nectar Honey Mask - Honey, nature’s best humectant draws all the nourishing moisture of Green Goodness deep into your skin, plumping each cell with its goodness. Honey is also anti-bacterial, eliminating the harmful bacteria which cause blackheads and breakouts.

Your dehydrated skin feels revived.

Your parched skin has been given a drink of the best nourishment. Moisture bathes every cell. Cold dry air accept your defeat.

Lock in this beautiful moisture, with Mirror Mirror Rejuvenating Oil.

Green Goodness Nutrient Mist - 1 oz.
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Nectar Honey Mask - 1 oz.
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What is your favorite part of Winter?