Finding Health for Your Skin

I did not come to skin care in the usual way. I didn’t fall in love with makeup or masks. I didn’t follow magazine beauty tips, because the thing which was perfect for your skin this month was so “last year” the next month. My feeling was that the beauty business and its fantastical claims all seemed like a lot of hooey.

I did love to read - a lot. (I was definitely a bookworm) I loved to cook. I was very interested in creating healthy food which was also delicious (an exacting requirement). And as a piano teacher, I was incredibly interested in learning; about how to learn the best way, how to help my students find learning as fascinating I did, and I really wanted to know what got in the way of learning.

But, I had a problem. My skin was sick. And it became more and more sick, the more life I lived. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t make my skin well.

I now know why.

Skin needs REAL food


But at the time I didn’t understand why everyone else’s skin could look beautiful and mine responded to my careful care and money spent by throwing a tantrum. What was the matter? Why was it so particular?

Now - I am very thankful for my fussy skin. Because, as I have studied the usual skincare ingredients and their side effects, I have found my cranky skin has been a vigilant protector of me and my health. (Skin just doing its job.)

Endocrine disruptors, cancer causing formulations, ingredients which kill the coral in our oceans, humectants in lotions and moisturizers which actually draw the moisture out of your skin - - - Why would you put these horrible substances on your face, on your skin, on your body?

Thankfully, my skin said, “Not on your life, I will not accept this treatment.”

In my reading, my kitchen experiments, and my search for answers, I found that my skin needed real food on the outside, as well. Gentle, nourishing food brought my skin to beautiful health, inside and outside.

My cranky face loved my knowledgeable care. And it responded by ditching the red, swollen visage in return for a luminous, radiant healthy face.

This approach will work for you, as well.


Milky Way


Cleansing Grains

Green Goodness


Nutrient Mist



Honey Mask

Mirror Mirror


Rejuvenating Serum



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