10 Reasons to Use Cleansing Grains for Sensitive Skin


Milky Way Cleansing Grains

Freshly ground Oat Flour - saponin molecules (nature's own soap) gently cleanse without stripping skin or destroying healthy PH.  Abundant mucilage (starch molecules) soothes red, irritated skin

 Dried Milk - lactic acid gently sloughs away used cells

Your skin is refreshed & renewed.


1. Soothe the stress of your day away

2. Gently remove environmental pollutants - the ones which irritate your sensitive skin

3. Give your thirsty skin its first drink of moisture

4. Cool your skin's inflammatory response - no more need for the fire

5. Slough away used cells - leaving your skin refreshed

6. Keep PH in healthy state - slightly acidic

7. No need to strip your skin - a tight stretched feeling is unhealthy

8. Soothe irritation instead of causing it

9. Maintain & enhance a healthy skin environment

10. Your skin feels clean & nourished - not scrubbed & irritated

Milky Way Cleansing Grains

INGREDIENTS -  Freshly ground Oats, dried Milk

INGREDIENTS - Freshly ground Oats, dried Milk

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  1. Maintains Healthy pH

  2. Leaves skin nourished & refreshed (no stripping allowed)

  3. Soap Free

  4. Fragrance Free

  5. Gentle - Soothes Irritation


“The Pampering Ritual has helped my dry skin & evened out the tone. My blotchy skin is gone. My skin feels moist, plump, nourished.” Emily K.

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Milky Way Cleansing Grains - 4 oz.
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