Super Nourishing Hydration - Winter Preparation


The drying of cold winter air is a problem for any skin type. As you know, the sensitivities inherent in already dehydrated skin can make this season especially challenging.

Thankfully, Nature provides.

You can nourish and nurture your irritated skin with the Black Tulip 2-step hydrating system. Green Goodness Nutrient Mist feeds your skin with fresh nourishing botanicals (the best bio-availability of vitamins A, C & E along with fresh antioxidants). Nectar features the natural humectant ability of honey. Honey’s antiseptic properties also eliminate the bacteria which cause blackheads and breakouts.

Step 1 - Enjoy the effervescent nourishing mist of Green Goodness Nutrient Mist - moisture to soothe your thirsty skin.

Step 2 - Let Nectar Honey Mask carry this green nutrition deep into your skin’s inner layers. Each cell is plumped and nourished. Harmful bacteria is eliminated.

Your face feels refreshed and renewed. Health is restored. Your skin is luminous from your tender care.

Now, the beauties of Winter are yours to enjoy.

Seal in this beautiful nourishing moisture with Black Tulip’s Mirror Mirror Rejuvenating Oil - protects & promotes cellular renewal.

What is a quality of Winter you enjoy?