Cool Your HOT Self!


It’s HOT!

Your makeup is melting. Your pores are expanding. The temperature feels like a heavy blanket encasing you wherever you go. You are having a hard time breathing.

Yeah, it’s really hot!

As always, Black Tulip is working behind the scenes to make your life easier, your skin more beautiful, and your insides more comfortable.

The solution for this hot, hot day is Green Goodness Nutrient Mist. As you know, it’s primary purpose is to nourish your skin with the best bio-available nutrients and life-giving moisture. However, you can combine this essential quality with your need to feel more comfortable on a hot day.

Since Green Goodness is kept in the refrigerator, where it is cold . . .

You can see where this is going . . .

Yes, spray your hot face with an effervescent cool mist. Now, does’t that feel wonderful? Cool, nourishing, tiny little drops of water created just for you to make your summer as fun as you want it to be.

HOWEVER . . . and this is a big one. Do you not stop with this step.

As you know because you live in a hot, dry climate, this lovely moisture is going to evaporate right away. And this very process is going to leave your skin feeling dry and chapped.

Yes, we have a solution.

Mirror Mirror Rejuvenating Serum can also perform a second function in the care of your skin.

  1. Cool your hot self with Green Goodness’ effervescent moisture.

  2. Lock in this moisturizing goodness with a few drops of Mirror Mirror Rejuvenating Serum.

Cool your skin -

Nourish your skin -

Protect your skin


Green Goodness

Nutrient Mist


Mirror Mirror

Rejuvenating Serum


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