Wisdom of the Ancients

Ritual - 

a tool used from the beginning of time to access deeper knowing.



The ancients knew there was more wisdom - beyond the surface thinking of everyday life. And they knew it existed deep within. To access this important insight;  repetitive movement, sounds, and thoughts were used to quiet the rational so the intuitive could speak.



Modern day rituals can provide the same experience for us - 

 - to know You on the inside

- to hear what You have to say

- to find Your Center

- to feel secure in You


The Black Tulip Pampering Ritual is an excellent way to access your Intuitive Wisdom.

  • let go

  • slow

  • begin to care for Your Skin - to care for You

  • empty

  • center

  • enjoy


Feel Beautiful in Your Skin


What is your favorite way to access your Intuition? Please share.