Nectar - Best Moisturizing Face Mask for Sensitive Skin


Nectar Honey Mask is made from Prescott Wildflower Honey, a dark nourishing honey which acts like a sponge, drawing moisture deep into your skin.

Honey is nature’s best humectant. This means honey draws moisture from the air and also from the moisture you spritz on your skin (Green Goodness Nutrient Mist). It then transfers all this lovely moisture to the inner layers of your skin. Each cell inside your skin is plumped and nourished, leaving your skin dewy fresh and radiant.

Honey also offers many other benefits for your skin.

  • anti-bacterial, anti-microbial - eliminates the bacteria which cause blackheads and breakouts (blackheads and enlarged pores will gradually disappear, you will also see reduction and faster healing of breakouts until pimples are only part of the past).

  • anti-inflammatory - reduces redness and swelling, calms and soothes irritated skin

  • restores elasticity - softens skin

  • anti-oxidants - nourishes while it moisturizes

What’s not to love?


Nectar Honey Mask

INGREDIENTS -  Prescott Wildflower Honey

INGREDIENTS - Prescott Wildflower Honey



  1. Nature's Best Humectant (deep moisture)

  2. Reduces Pore Size

  3. Restores Elasticity

  4. Antibacterial - prevents breakouts

  5. Eliminates Blackheads

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“Every time I finish the Pampering Ritual, I feel like I just had a professional facial. My skin feels nourished & wonderful.” Emily K.



Nectar Honey Mask - 1 oz.
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