Feel Healthy Inside - Harvest Your Success

‘Tis the season of Harvest, for noticing Nature’s Bounty and feeling grateful. Our usual focus is on our Outside - food, friends, family - relationships which make life meaningful.

However - in this time of gratitude, we often neglect the relationship with our inner life.

To feel healthy inside - to feel good inside - it is imperative we Harvest our inner bounty. What have we created for just us? How have we taken care of just us? How have we made life more joyful for just us?

Awkward questions at first. But then, think about what you have created and grown this year. How has your inner life changed? How has your outer life changed? Do not rattle through what you haven’t done. Instead, catalogue what you have done and how you have cared for this person inside you.

Then, feel good about it. Feel gratitude for your effort. Feel the nourishment of your care.

Harvest Your Success


This is a place for Harvest. Please share a success you have given yourself.