My Happy Place


My happiest place is when I am writing this blog - - - and then decorating the pages to make them beautiful.

As you can tell, creative expression “really turns my crank.” I love to create. I find it so much fun.

Solving a problem in a new and different way can be such a compelling experience. The input from the outside world, combined with my intuitive musings makes such a fascinating place to visit.

That’s how Black Tulip came to be.

My skin had gotten so sensitive, it was in pain all the time. My skin just hurt. And the usual solutions did not work any more.

As I do in my creative life, I started wondering. How do others make skin care? What is the purpose of each ingredient? Could I make a skin care regimen that would soothe my angry skin? I already knew my long list of sensitivities, so . . .

I studied.

I dreamed.

I experimented. I organized my findings.

My result is the Black Tulip Skin Care system. I found using gentle, nourishing REAL food ingredients soothed my sensitivities, healed my skin’s irritation and created beautiful health in skin that had resisted all attempts to make it do what I wanted.


So, I thought I would share my creativity with You.

What do you like to share?