When Soap Makes It Worse


What do you do when washing your face makes it -more red, more swollen, more inflamed . . . - worse?

Cleansing your face is supposed to make it all better - all those environmental pollutants, the harmful bacteria, the toxins eliminated through your skin. Those irritating items that make your skin so unhappy. They need to be washed away.

The world says, “You need to use soap - it's the only thing that can get your skin truly clean.”


Not so.

Soap can be one of the most irritating substances for skin already having difficulty. And to rub another irritant along its sensitive receptors calls all your inflammation responses to battle. 


Nature offers a solution. 

Imagine a field of oats ripening in the sunshine. 

Now - imagine this golden goodness is being crafted just for You. The sun and the oats, in tandem, create soothing saponin molecules (nature's soap) designed to bathe your skin with cleansing healing.

Tap a small amount (about 1 tsp.) of freshly ground oat flour and dried milk powder - MILKY WAY CLEANSING GRAINS. Add just a few drops of precious water. Stir to make a thin paste. Apply to your face. Gently massage. Rinse and pat dry. Mmmmmmm . . .


The abundant mucilage (thickening starch molecules) in oats soothe inflammation. Naturally occurring saponin (soap) molecules cleanse the day’s irritations. And the lactic acid in milk gently sloughs away the used cells which have protected your face throughout the day. 

MILKY WAY CLEANSING GRAINS is a beautifully gentle cleanser for Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin, Rosacea, Eczema, and Acne. It also works wonderfully well for other skin issues (oily and combination skin) as MILKY WAY CLEANSING GRAINS is a natural healing product. 


Milky Way Cleansing Grains

INGREDIENTS -  Freshly ground Oats, dried Milk

INGREDIENTS - Freshly ground Oats, dried Milk

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  1. Maintains Healthy pH

  2. Leaves skin nourished & refreshed (no stripping allowed)

  3. Soap Free

  4. Fragrance Free

  5. Gentle - Soothes Irritation


“The Pampering Ritual has helped my dry skin & evened out the tone. My blotchy skin is gone. My skin feels moist, plump, nourished.” Emily K.

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Milky Way Cleansing Grains - 4 oz.
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