#CreateANewStory - Personal Alchemy


The best way to change is to actually live in your new story. Because, it seems the hardest part of change is to believe it can actually happen.

We set goals. We make plans. We work hard. But when it comes time to actually step into the new story we have created for ourselves, we hesitate.

Is our story true?

Is this new person really us?

How are we supposed to act now?

And the brakes are quickly applied to our forward progress.

Wait. I don’t know. Let me analyze and think about it. Please, let me have some time to live in my old story. I’m not sure if this can really be me. I’ve lived so long with “wanting,” I don’t know if I am really able to “have.”


Your imagination is your tool for ease in this frightening endeavor.

Close your eyes. Imagine the environment of this new story you are entering. How would the “imaginary you” respond to this new place of BE-ing? Would she like it? Does she need a little bit of time to ease the transition? Does she need to find her own path through the story?

What would make her feel comfortable?

What would make her feel as if she belonged?

Begin to tell the “wish” of your story. Tell the “want” of your story. Give the “have” of the story to the “imaginary you.” How does it feel? Can you find a place of comfort with it? Can you feel at ease with your “new story”?

Belong to the New You

This is your own “Personal Alchemy.”


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