A Cleanser should . . .



- Soothing Cleansing Grains

Ingredients - Freshly ground oats, dried milk

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Cleansing your face is the most difficult step for those with sensitive skin.

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First, Your cleanser must be absolutely non-irritating and it must be extremely gentle.

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Second, Your cleanser must actually clean your skin.


Third, Your cleanser must promote & maintain a healthy skin environment - slightly acidic PH level, healthy good bacteria & nourish the protective skin mantle.

Milky Way Cleansing Grains fulfill each of these requirements beautifully . . .

The saponin molecules (nature's soap) in Oats gently cleanse, while this whole grain's abundant mucilage soothes your irritated skin.

The lactic acid in dried Milk gently sloughs away used cells, while maintaining a healthy PH level. The acid mantle is protected, leaving your face feeling dewy fresh.

Your skin glows with health.

Milky Way Cleansing Grains

INGREDIENTS -   Freshly ground Oat Flour, dried Milk

INGREDIENTS - Freshly ground Oat Flour, dried Milk

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  1. Maintains Healthy pH

  2. Leaves skin nourished & refreshed (no stripping allowed)

  3. Soap Free

  4. Fragrance Free

  5. Gentle - Soothes Irritation


“The Pampering Ritual has helped my dry skin & evened out the tone. My blotchy skin is gone. My skin feels moist, plump, nourished.” Emily K.

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Milky Way Cleansing Grains - 4 oz.
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