Precious Oils - Cellular Rejuvenation Serum


Ahhh . . . Gently cleansed

Beautifully nourished and hydrated

What’s next?

--- To retain the glorious goodness you feel in each cell of your face, put a few drops of MIRROR MIRROR REJUVENATING SERUM in your palm. Rub your hands together and then gently massage this nourishing oil into your beautiful skin. MIRROR MIRROR retains all the nourishment you have received through the previous 3 steps of the Black Tulip pampering ritual, while adding the final step - cellular rejuvenation. This means cellular damage is repaired and new cells are encouraged to grow.

Your skin is refreshed and renewed.


The Precious Oils in Mirror Mirror

Grapeseed Oil is a light oil which works as an excellent moisturizer. It also alleviates dark under-eye circles, tightens skin, improves lines and wrinkles, and is an effective agent for treating acne and promoting skin health.

Rosehip Seed Oil is an important source for cellular membrane and tissue regeneration, which means the stress of your day is repaired through the night. This oil soothes, heals and helps skin regain even color and tone.

Evening Primrose Oil reduces the inflammation caused by stress. This quality also makes it an excellent treatment for eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. It is also very emollient, feeding the skin exactly what it needs to heal beautifully.



Mirror Mirror Rejuvenating Serum

INGREDIENTS -  Grapeseed oil, Rosehip Seed oil, Evening Primrose oil

INGREDIENTS - Grapeseed oil, Rosehip Seed oil, Evening Primrose oil



  1. Promotes Cellular Regeneration

  2. Reduces Inflammation

  3. Locks in Moisture

  4. Ultra-nourishing - Rich in vitamins & anti-oxidants

  5. Skin feels Renewed & Refreshed

- - -

“I love each product in the kit. My skin feels and looks so much healthier than before.  The ingredients are all real and pure!" Emily K.



Mirror Mirror Rejuvenating Serum - 15 ml.
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