Black Tulip Beauty Ritual - How to Feel Beautiful in Your Skin - Part I

I think we would all agree that actually Feeling Beautiful in Your Skin is a complex state of being.

First, there is the physical aspect of beauty. What does the idea of beauty really mean? Can your skin BE beautiful, considering all the impossible standards expected? Can this be a real experience?

Second, there is the psychological, emotional aspect of Feeling Beautiful.


In this post, we will deal with the outside physical experience. Part II of How to Feel Beautiful in Your Skin will discuss the inside experience.

The first question to answer is - “What is beautiful skin?”

The real answer to that question is “healthy skin.” Healthy skin is luminous, radiant, supple. It is full of moisture. It is free from infection. It is free from the stress of internal disruption. Healthy skin glows with youthful exuberance.

Is this something which is desired? Absolutely! Can it be achieved? Absolutely!


Pampering is the technique which achieves this goal. Skin which is given what it wants rewards you with radiant health.

Beautiful skin wants real food nourishment. It wants gentle care. It wants kindness and understanding. It wants to be pampered and indulged. It wants precious oils, nourishing moisture, protection from pathogens, indulgent hydration. It wants to be treated as the sensitive, fragile, strong, amazing entity that it is.

Beautiful Skin NEEDS to be “pampered.”

Black Tulip Pampering Ritual


Harness Synergy

Steps 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

- - -

  1. Soothe & cleanse stressed skin

  2. Nourish - effervescent hydrating mist, best bio-availability

  3. Nurture - deep moisture, reduce pore size, eliminate blackheads

  4. Protect - Lock in moisture, promote cellular rejuvenation



Pampering Ritual
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