Artisanal Skin Care - Magic in a Bottle

I like to cook. It has been a joy throughout my life, to practice and gain skill in the kitchen. And over the years, I have developed some excellent culinary skills.

However, all my skill and experience can fall apart, if I don’t focus my intuitive self on the dish I am creating. Because, the most important part of the creation is me. I create the best food when I am in touch with my inner awareness. If I’m not there, you can taste it.

It’s the same reason people pay large amounts of money and wait to eat at a revered chef’s table. You can taste the difference. The energy of the creator is inherent and essential to your experience of the creator’s product.


It is the same with skin care. That’s why “Artisanal” is included in the name “Black Tulip Artisanal Skin Care.” I put the same creator’s energy in my skin care products as I do my food. I create the formulas. I create the products with my hands. And . . . you can feel the difference when you place my creations on your face.

My skill and intuitive insight calms your angry skin. You can feel the healing from the gentle, soothing ingredients. And your skin responds with luminous health.

The personal touch matters.


Green Goodness Nutrient Mist




  1. Nutrient Rich Hydration

  2. Luxurious Moisturizing Mist

  3. Best Bio-available Care

  4. Excellent Source Antioxidants

  5. Nurtures Your Skin with Vitamins A, C, E, K

*Must be refrigerated

*If you are sensitive to Essential Oils, send me a note with your order and I will create a formula which works for you.



Green Goodness Nutrient Mist - 1 oz.
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