Rocks & Light - Nature's Alchemy


Alchemy is transformative change . . . lead to gold, broken to whole, illness to health. It is miraculous, desired and pursued.

Yet, there is a daily alchemy we hardly ever notice. It teems around us.

It’s most humble elements are rocks and light - nothing to get too excited about.

There is no great search for rocks and light, no bank to store them, no stockpiling for later. Yet, the transformation of rocks and light is the miracle of our world. It is the miracle of our existence.

This miracle of life which we so easily forget is made possible by the daily alchemy of nature.

In our technological world, it is very easy to forget our biology. We think of our brains as computers, our bodies as machines, and our psyches as robots. And we are really annoyed when our brains and bodies and souls need rest, proper sustenance and loving attention.

Our miracle of life is ignored. Its alchemy is unappreciated. And our biology suffers from our indifference.


The best way to #CreateANewStory for our miraculous life is

to come into harmony with our true nature,

to align with the harmony of our biology.

We evolved to use the life around us. And the best substances to create and sustain our health comes from this incredible alchemy.

Your skin - your health always responds better to the easy bio-availability of nature. Manipulated chemicals are foreign to its best interests.

The alchemy of rocks and light is the alchemy of change for your skin.

#CreateANewStory #FeelBeautifulInYourSkin


Milky Way Cleansing Grains

Ingredients:   Freshly ground Oats, dried Milk

Ingredients: Freshly ground Oats, dried Milk



  1. Maintains healthy pH

  2. Leaves skin nourished & refreshed (no stripping allowed)

  3. Soap Free

  4. Fragrance Free

  5. Gentle - Soothes Irritation

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“The Pampering Ritual has helped my dry skin & evened out the tone. My blotchy skin is gone. My skin feels moist, plump, nourished.” Emily K.



Milky Way Cleansing Grains - 4 oz.
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