How to make Your Sensitive Skin Happy



 Sooooo . . . is it even remotely possible to make your sensitive skin happy? to live life in peace? to be friends?

Four perfectly designed steps and the answer is YES!


The first task of your skin happiness mission is to say "there, there" in your softest voice. You do this using the soothing mucilage (starch) of oats. Oats also have natural saponin molecules (nature's soap) to gently cleanse the irritation away.


The second step to happy skin is to feed it. Sensitive Skin is starving for balanced nutrition. However, the nutrition must come as nature created. Vitamins & antioxidants taken out of their natural environment are too harsh for your tender face. As you know - any kind of harshness and your skin sends up the red flag.

A tisane of snowpeas gives your skin revitalizing chlorophyll, essential vitamins and healing antioxidants in a natural environment. Your skin says, "Aah, this is more like it."


Next, you need to make the inner layers of your skin feel as good as your outside. A mask of honey moves the nutrients resting on your outside to your inside skin. Every cell is plumped full of nutrient rich moisture, as honey is nature's very best humectant (an ingredient which absorbs water).

Your skin will feel like the softest of velvets.


Lastly, precious oils protect your newly soothed and nourished face. They also promote cellular regeneration, which keeps your skin looking dewy fresh.

1. Soothe 2. Nourish  3. Nurture 4. Protect 

=  Happy Skin


Mirror Mirror Rejuvenating Oil

INGREDIENTS -  Grapeseed oil, Rosehip Seed oil, Evening Primrose oil

INGREDIENTS - Grapeseed oil, Rosehip Seed oil, Evening Primrose oil



  1. Promotes Cellular Regeneration

  2. Reduces Inflammation

  3. Locks in Moisture

  4. Ultra-nourishing - Rich in vitamins & anti-oxidants

  5. Skin feels Renewed & Refreshed

- - -

“I love each product in the kit. My skin feels and looks so much healthier than before.  The ingredients are all real and pure!" Emily K.



Mirror Mirror Rejuvenating Serum - 15 ml.
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